Doug's Rants

Project management truths that people know
in their hearts, but can’t say out loud.

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Doug’s Rants

Some of you may know me, Doug Boebinger (I’m sorry), and some of you may not (yet).  I spend my days flying from city to city, doing a wide range of project management-related courses and presentations.  In my travels, I am privileged to speak with an array of people from numerous companies, in just about every industry there is.  From my courses, presentations, and personal discussions, I have come to various conclusions about a multitude of topics.  When I get off on one of these tangents in my courses, I typically refer to them as “Doug’s Rants” and the name has stuck.

The rants address various themes, systemic issues, and truths that people know in their hearts but can’t say out loud. Well, I’m going to say them out loud (via the written word).  As I like to tell people, I play the role of the little boy in Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” If you don’t know the story, it’s short and insightful, and it’s required reading for anyone who needs understand truth vs. conformance.

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