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Executive Role in Project Management Training Course

Success of projects is not entirely on the shoulders of the project managers and the project teams.

1/2 onsite day (4 hours) or 1 virtual session (4 hours) | 4 contact hours (PDU’s)
1 onsite day (7 hours) or 2 virtual sessions (3.5 hours each) | 7 contact hours (PDU’s)
2 onsite days (14 hours) or 4 virtual sessions (3.5 hours each) | 14 contact hours (PDU’s)

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Success of projects is not entirely on the shoulders of the project managers and the project teams.  The organization needs to support the project in a variety of manners.  This course explores the role of executives and sponsors in the success of its projects.  The course uses group discussions and interactive exercises to enforce the learning objectives.

One-Half Day vs. One Day vs. Two Day Content Comparison

‘One Day’ is one onsite training day or three virtual sessions.

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Course Topics One-Half Day Version One Day Version Two Day Version
Project Management Foundation Concepts
Project Management Process Groups & Knowledge Areas
The “Politics” of Project Management
The strengths and weaknesses of project management in your organizational structure
The different “sizes” of projects vs the “amount” of project management required
Compare & Contrast Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
The roles and responsibilities of the Sponsor, Project Review Committee, Functional Manager & the Project Manager
The various styles and purposes of a Project Management Office (PMO)
How to properly initiate a project for success
Prioritization of projects
Progressive Elaboration vs Agile approach to “phasing” a project
Scoping a project: Scope Statement vs Project Backlog
Understanding the project and product requirements
Determining the quality acceptance criteria
Understanding the risks of the project
Management reviews (gateway reviews vs. retrospectives)
Change control for the project

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