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IPDI’s Project Management Course Options

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Integrated Process Developers, Inc. (IPDI) offers a wide variety of project management courses to meet your organization’s specific needs.  However, IPDI knows that “one size does not fit all” and offers you options as to what content and how long of a course is applicable for your organization’s specific requirements.

You will be able to use the concepts learned in our courses the very next day on your projects thus giving you the edge over your competition and an immediate return on your investment.  All our workshop courses are interactive, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and instructor facilitation.

IPDI’s experts can customize a course with topics, and level of depth, to match the skill set gaps within your organization and teams.

More information about each course can be found by clicking on the course’s title to open the course web page.


At no time in the history of PMI has so much changed so swiftly.  Keep checking back here for the latest updates:

For organizations, PMP® certification offers better performing projects and a marketing advantage over your competition.  For individuals, PMP® certification shows dedication to your profession and offers career advancement opportunities.

To be eligible for the PMP® credential, you must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements.

IPDI’s flagship PMP® training course, the Ultimate PMP® Prep Boot Camp, has proved to be very effective in preparing people for certification.


Click here for a printable guide to course options.

Ultimate PMP® Prep Boot Camp

This is IPDI’s flagship PMP® training course, The course has been successfully presented to thousands throughout the world!

IPDI’s Online PMP® Exam Prep Video-based Course

This is IPDI’s video-based PMP® exam prep course.  Learn everything you need to pass the PMP® exam!  Includes 90 day access to 43 videos, an eBook, and a sample exam.  Add in the optional three hours of one-on-one sessions with our senior instructor, Doug Boebings, and you can be sure all your questions are answered.

Fundamentals of Project Management: Traditional / Predictive / Waterfall Approach to Projects (1-day, 2-day or 3-day options)

Some believe the “old” approach is outdated and no longer applicable.  However, some industries and certain types of projects will always use the traditional / predictive approach due to the nature of the projects themselves.

Agile Approach to Project Management (1-day or 2-day options)

In this modern, fast-paced era of business, the traditional or “waterfall” approach to project management may not be the best approach.  Agile project management has quickly become the go-to project management approach for a wide range of industries. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI®), more than 90% of organizations are using Agile to some degree.  If your business is not using aspects of Agile, it will be soon.

Hybrid Approach to Project Management (4-day option)

A pure Traditional / Predictive approach or a pure Agile approach to project management may not always be applicable.  Most organizations benefit from utilizing a “blended” approach which leverages the best of both traditional / waterfall and Agile.

Advanced Project Management Program

The Advanced Project Management Program enables individuals and organizations to advance knowledge beyond the superficial and theoretical to real-world, practical based project management methodologies.  Designed as a series of modules.  Take one, take some, take all.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers (1-day option)

This course is specifically developed for the non-project manager who needs to understand the basics of project management.  A vast majority of the projects done within organizations are short term, small projects – otherwise known as “assignments.”  This course is a fast paced, one-day course which will give you simple tools to swiftly develop an effective approach to your assignments.  This is not ‘hard core’ project management, this is a ‘down-to-earth’ approach to make you more successful within your organization.

Executive / Sponsor courses

IPDI offers half day, 1-day or 2-day courses to assist executives and sponsors to support project teams more effectively.  See separate course descriptions for additional information.


1-Day is one 7 hour onsite training day or two 3.5 hour virtual sessions.

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Course Topics Agile 1-Day Agile 2-Day PM for Non-PM Traditional 2-Day Traditional 3-Day 4-Day Option
Project Management Foundation Concepts
Why Agile Project Management?
Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
Traditional / Predictive Project Management vs. Agile Project Management
Triple Constraints (Scope, Schedule & Cost)
When to use Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
Agile Manifesto
Your Organization’s Selected Projects for Course Exercises
Scope Statement
Stakeholder Assessment and Key Decision Makers
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Agile Terms and Tools
Estimating Resources, Durations, and Costs
Communications Planning
Project Team Development
Quality Planning
Human Resource Planning & RASIC
Schedule Sequencing
Risk Management Planning
Procurement Planning
Workshop Provided Agile Case Study / Simulation
Schedule Development, Trade-off Analysis and Baseline
Project Execution
Monitoring & Controlling Project Work
Integrated Change Control
Project Close-out
  • The 1-day Project Management for non-Project Managers course offers simplified approaches for small, quick-hit projects (also known as assignments).

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