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Recovering Troubled Projects Training Course

Recovering Troubled Projects will outline the necessary steps to stop the hemorrhaging and get the project back onto the path to success.

1 onsite day (7 hours) or 2 virtual sessions (3.5 hours each) | 7 contact hours (PDU’s)


This workshop is interactive, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and instructor facilitation. This course outlines the 7 Project Recovery Steps:

  1. Detect: Admit the severity of the problem
  • Poor performance
  • Excessive thrash
  • Fuzzy finish line
  • People problems
  1. Stabilize: Stop life-threatening bleeding
  • Triage
  • Project Stakeholder Analysis
  1. Diagnose: Find root causes
  • Project Priorities
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Manpower Resources
  • Technical Opinions and Performance Tradeoffs
  • Cost
  • Schedules
  • Personality conflict
  1. Design Recovery: Re-aim & re-plan
  • Set Expectations for Re-planning
  • Philosophy of Recovery Planning
  • Back to Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Success Factors
  1. Implement: Regain control
  • When Cancellation May Be Best
  • Implement the Recovery Plan.
  • Recovery Starts with: People
  • Recovery: Process
  • Recovery: Product & Technology
  1. Monitor & Steer: Focus, monitor & communicate
  • In the first weeks of the turnaround plan, drive the program using the “Three-Legged Stool” approach.
  1. Prevent: Learn from mistakes
  • Use a retrospective to learn lessons for future projects – and this one.
  • While the pain is fresh, determine ways to prevent future problems.
  • Successful retrospectives:
    • Broad range of team members with different perspectives.
    • Actions are prioritized, communicated and followed-up.
  • Prevent fires – and don’t reward arsonists!!

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