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Integration and Scope Management Training Course

This course investigates tools and techniques necessary to determine the scope of the project, obtain stakeholder buy-in to the project and manage the changes that occur on every project.

2 onsite days (14 hours) or 4 virtual sessions (3.5 hours each) | 14 contact hours (PDU’s)


The fundamental necessity of every project is to understand the scope of the project – what are you supposed to deliver to the customer, either internal or external, when the project is complete.  It is also absolutely necessary to understand what is out of scope – and how to deal with the evil Scope Creep which, in the opinion of IPDI, is the #1 reason for project failure.

This workshop utilizes projects from your own organization to allow participants to learn concepts by applying them directly to the work they are doing.  The course is interactive, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and instructor facilitation.


After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the proper project life cycle for your project.
  • Create a project charter.
  • Determine and analyze the various stakeholders on your project.
  • Develop a stakeholder management strategy.
  • Determine the project requirements.
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to establish effective resource and duration estimates.
  • Understand the impact that changes can have on your project.
  • Obtain customer verification of project deliverables.

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